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    Jun 7, 2002
    A little while back I emailed the directors of this site and made them aware that in addition to LR Shooting Im an artist (Digital/Airbrush/Photographic) as well...Also asked permission to post my art as it was banned from the GGVG Forum, because they felt it was spamming (Pissant reason for "We really couldnt find a better way of saying, your art is better than ours and you may take away from our sales of t shirts"...)

    The Admins and Directors mentioned that since there was no "General Discussion" forum that I should keep anything relating to Art or Off Topic discussion to in here when it comes to Art.... I thank them for being able to show you guys and get honest opinions from my direct peer group....As always.....comments and criticism welcome...

    These were two things I threw together last night in Photoshop...Couldnt sleep...wasnt hungry and wasnt anything good on the Tube..



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  2. Dave King

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    May 3, 2001

    Pretty good... Probably couldn't wear these T-shirts downtown D.C. but the group I hang around with would get a good chuckle.

    How about some with deer, nice bucks.