Oregon High desert elk hunt


Sep 14, 2011
I drew a tag for the High desert unit this year, and not too sure were to start. I've always hunted elk over on the coast, but I own property in lapine and burns so I'm over there quite a bit. Does anyone know a good spot to start looking? It's a hair tag that covers 6.5 units In the eastern corner, so I've
got alot of ground to cover. I was thinking of starting on the sterns, I've seen a few elk there while deer hunting.


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Jun 10, 2010
The most difficult thing about desert elk is they are nomadic. It's hard to say where they will be on a given day and then where they'll be on the next. That said, there are elk south of Riley and the Stinking Water Mtns hold quite a few elk. If you can find cover within travel of a green pivot and water, you'll narrow your odds. We had a cow run by us 20 yards away this morning on our way back to the truck from glassing for deer. It was one of those places that you had to look at each other and ask what the heck she was doing there and where was she going?? Good luck on the tag!
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