Or trade: large shank, ss, savage 270 wsm barrel


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Aug 28, 2007
Near Houston,Texas
I have a Large Shank Savage SS barrel from a Model 16 for sale. It's a 24", 270 WSM I pulled it from a rifle I bought and never fired. Previous owner said it shot sub moa with Federal Vital Shok 130 grain ammo. You can have the lug if you want, but the "smooth" barrel nut got buggered on removal... yours if you want also. Open to trades for just about anything you don't need that I might!

Things I am looking for:

1. Dies, Brass, Bullets or ammo for:

- .22, 6mm & 6.5mm Creedmoor

- .22, 6mm & 6.5mmX47L

- .221 Fireball

- .223AI

- 6mm Rem. & 6mmAI

- .250 Savage & .250AI

- .257 Roberts

- 7mm SAUM

2. Barrels for the above calibers or Blanks (plus cash on my part)

3. Remington or Savage Parts

4. Scope Rings, Bases

5. Go & No-go Gauges

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