Or trade. AR uppers and lower


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Dec 28, 2019
Jay, OK
Have a Spikes Tactical honey badger ar15 lower with Larue 2 stage trigger, strike industries viper adjustable stock.

Midwest Industries upper with Leapers UTG Pro handguard, 16” 5.56 barrel with YHM break/flash hider. Comes with 4 pmags.

Aeroprecision upper and keymod handguard, 18” 6.5 Grendel barrel. Comes with 1 steel mag. About 50 rounds through it.

I also have a Warne 1 piece scope mount.

Looking for $350 each plus shipping or possibly trade for custom long action with mag bolt face. There is only 1 BCG but I do have both bolts

The uppers would ship direct. The lower would ship to your FFL.


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Shoots great. Factory ammo was holding 1/2 moa at 100 yards. It’s a great shooter. Just planning a build for a lr 300wm bolt gun and I don’t shoot this one much.
The 5.56 was mostly used for just plinking around. Was shooting federal 55gr fmj. Would say it’s right around 1 moa at 100yds. Had no problem with the iron sights taking out numerous cans and other similar targets at 50-75 yards just playing around.
Would also consider trades on complete rifles. Either savage or m700 based long actions.
I could throw my scope on it within the next week or so and see about sighting it in and getting a group size for you.
Will I don’t want you go through that just for me. But it will help sale your upper if you can show a target.
These AR platforms getting so cheap for new ones you need all The help you can get. Proof of group will seal the sale. MD
So I had a little time on my hands today and threw the scope up on the 5.56 upper and this was a 5 shot group after sighting in with some cheap Federal 55gr FMJ ammo. Was not on a "cold" barrel as I can be impatient at times...lol


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