OR mule deer hunt


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Feb 22, 2008
Attempting to post a pic again.

All I get is a red x when attempting to post pic using photo bucket and the insert image icon.

Any ideas?
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another attempt,
This is what I did to post a pic.
Go to photobucket and click on the pic you want and make it a little bigger.
Then right click it and select copy
Then come back here and click where you want to put it and right click again and select paste.
That is the only way i could get pics on this site.
OK it seems we may be getting some where and I may actually figure this posting pics soon. With all this attention to a NE Oregon mule deer hunt it would seem that a picture of a really big rack or an extreme long range shot and story would be in order. My story is neither but actually a story of the bullet pictured above.

For the last year I have spent countless hours learning how to swage my own jacketed bullets. After spending many years of reloading, making custom brass for my 44 AMP, and now a 338 edge with expensive Serria MK bullets to feed it I have found I can make my own accurate bullets from nearly free scrap brass and a bit of lead.

The 180 grain .308 bullet pictured above I made from a FN 5.7x28 brass case. The recovered bullet was shot into wet newspaper from my 300 WM @ 2900 FPS and avaraged 50% weight retention. I was able to get 3/4" groups @ 100 yrds so I used them on this years mule deer hunt. Though I did not find the large bucks I have taken in years past this years small 2 point marks the first year I have taken an animal with not only my own reloaded ammo but also my own home made jaketed bullet.

I have allready started gathering 30 carbine brass to make some .338 bullets with and see if I can get some good results from my edge.

I have made bullets for all the pistol calibers from various calibers of brass cases to use for jackets. Some examples would be .429 from 40 S&W cases, .410 & .400 from 9mms and .357s from cut .223 cases. Also working on .458s from the 45 acp case.

Now I'll figure out how to post some pics and can show all the hunters here some interesting bullet designs. May even get to post the pick of the sorry little 2 pt that was ont th erecieving end of the bullet pictured above.

Good shooting,

BT Sniper

The title of this post should have read "Oregon mule deer taken with FN5.7x28 case." The cartridge looks to be just a bit bigger then a 22 mag case and is .223 caliber.

Here is my monster buck. What a relief I can post pics now. Thanks guys.

I suppose I could come up with a good story as to the difficulty of the shot and how it was 300 yrds running wide open threw a poll thicket but it was not the case. Normally I would let these small ones grow up but like I said I had a new home made bullet I was trying out and only 2 days left for my season after seeing no other bucks for last 7 days.

The bullet did the job with a clean neck shot. Hopfully in future years I will have more opportunities to take larger game with home made bullets. Quite a rewarding feeling actually and this little buck is a trophy for me in those reguards.

Good hunting,

BT Sniper

Here is just a little somthing to spark your intrest and for me to enjoy posting pics now:)

Pictured above is the well known 300 grain Serria .338 MK next to a 30 carbine case on the left and a .223 case on the right. The bullet on the right is my home made 180 grain .308 from the FN 5.7x28 case on it's left. I turned the rim off to give it a BT design but decided it was to much work and shot them as FB designs instead.

I hope to copy the big .338 Serria MK from either the 30 carbine case or .223 case for a jacket. Still a long ways out but a lot of fun.

Have been picking up 5.7x28 range brass for a while now...kinda figured to make a reloadable 17HMR outa them but they may have another uselightbulb
You know I joked with my cousin about using 223 brass for bullets and here you are using them. LOL!!! Wait till I tell him. Let us know how that works out and post some pics please.

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