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Apr 17, 2003
North Carolina
Jon @ The Optic Zone is a great supporter of the gun forums, including here.

I have never heard of anyone that had less than stellar service from TOZ.

Too good to be true?? NEGATIVE!!! Give Jon a call or email about shipping....sakofan..You can buy with confidence, friend.
Does anyone have any experience with www.theopticzone.com? I have been looking around on the internet, and found their prices, mainly on the Nikon Monarch 5.5-16.5x44 to be consistently lower than SWFA. Their prices are about $50 less on these scopes and some of the Bushnell Elites (both 3200 and 4200). Is this too good to be true? How is their service and shipping time?


Hey Zod,

Nikon Monarch 5.5-16.5x44, Nikoplex, Matte

Brunos $399.99 plus shipping

TOZ $349.00 including FREE Shipping.

Maybe you better shop around a little more.
jon and his wife are very helpful they dont mind anwsering questions and resherching any scope that you ask about you get old hardware store service at comp. prices somthingthat is rare these days they will get my busnes top notch
I'll chime in.

TOZ had the best price anywhere for a Nikon 6.5-20 Illuminated Mil-Dot. It was shipped quickly, great communication, and when I needed a new copy of the invoice to mail in for my Mil-Dot master it ws faxed right away.

Great Price. Great Service.

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