Opposing viral anti-hunting internet propaganda


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Apr 11, 2012
Opposing viral anti-hunting internet propaganda.

I've recently felt it necessary to become politically active on the blogosphere and websites that post anti-hunting; anti-trapping; anti-rural agriculture; environmental extremist, animal rights extremists. I couldn’t just watch it happen around me anymore, so I got involved, and am learning how to stand up for what I believe in and confront the liberal anti-hunting where they spread their message. The left is using the internet to their advantage, so I went to where they were.

What inspired me to move from the sidelines and into action on the online discussions was a website called "Footloose" Montana, an anti-trapping activist site. They recently went onto a website called trapperman, took the images posted there and reposted them (without permission and with outrageous inflammatory headlines) for the propaganda value they could see in them. Those images and the inflammatory articles they added to them, went to many, many environmentalist/animal rights/anti-American web sites around the country and then around the world. I even saw where the AP picked it up, and Reuters of the mainstream media. It was bad news, but VERY effective propaganda.

Comments from the readership on those sites were vile, threatening, and aggressive. A number of death threats were made against trapperman and trappers and hunters by environmentalist/wolf advocate/animal rights extremists and they went uncensored by the monitors of those sites. However, someone from trapperman's side wrote a threat to "footloose" Montana and they referred it to law enforcement. They then reposted it and it also went viral around the world claiming ALL wolf (animal) killers were murderers and sub-humans and should be exterminated.

I got on as many sites as would post my comments, some don't even have the mechanism to comment on their distorted and dishonest propaganda. Footloose Montana (promoting trap free public lands!) only puts out distorted information, they have no comment section. If you want to communicate with them you send them an e-mail. So I did. They were open about their dishonesty regarding their stated purpose was "promoting trap free public lands..." and their efforts to effect legislation that would ban trapping on public land in Montana. But their site is rabid with "ban all hunting and trapping" sentiments. They didn't have any problem that their website advocates the elimination of all trapping and hunting. They were not interested in logical argument, negative cultural impact of their efforts, or toning down their outright distortions and inflammatory comments. They indicated they thought every trapper/hunter/killer was mentally ill and a knuckle dragging moron that deserved contempt from all “right-minded” “healthy” “civilized” people.

I followed the re-postings of trapperman's images around the web to all kinds of sites (earthisland and negotiationisover are a couple of special ones you should visit) and commented where I could. The readers of those sites are emotionally volatile; don't want to hear/negotiate understanding. What they want to do is, and demand be done is to destroy OUR culture and exterminate OUR heritage. They see us a not human and see animals as human. We don’t kill wolves, we “murder and torture them” because we are “sick and love to see animals suffer”. They do not accept man as the top predator responsible for managing animals or land. They do not view themselves as even in the ecosystem and believe that man should be removed from the equation. They had it figured they could stay, but the rest of us would have to go because we are “un-evolved throw-backs”. They are against killing animals for any reason; it offends them and makes them crazy with rage. So mad they send those websites and organizations MONEY and then they WRITE THEIR POLITICAL REPRESENTATIVES. Yet, they see no problem in threatening the life and livelihood of anyone who traps or hunts. They are so rabidly emotional they are easy prey to exploitation by the animal rights extremists, and the liberal/progressive/socialist/ left. In that sense they are very much the "useful idiots" willingly exploited by the socialist media. The web sites didn’t have to try very hard to incite lynch mob mentality.

They operate a network of websites and organizations with benign and righteous sounding names. They are not benign, and although they see themselves as morally righteous and intellectually superior, they see us as depraved. They help WRITE LEGISLATION THAT WOULD MAKE OUR LIFESTYLES AND PASTTIMES ILLEGAL. They get their readers to SIGN PETITIONS that get sent to politicians. They interview each other on their websites and newspapers, proclaiming each other “experts” and “scientists” and “activists” like they are legitimate and what they say is the righteous majority of public opinion and scientific thought.

A tactic they use is for one site to post some inflammatory article and incite the readers to send them money and to put political pressure on government and representatives. Then some of the other organizations will file suit or publically condemn the targeted individuals or incidents.
Then they effectively blackmail with threats of protests and disruptions and lawsuits. They are active in proposing legislation to ban trapping and hunting.

They are attempting to shift the responsibility for game and land management FROM the private citizen and property owner TO the government. They want the only legal purveyor of lethal control to be the government. Once they have restricted the individual, relegated the responsibility to the government, then they can choke it off. Ask a trapper in Washington State what happened while they were quietly minding their trap lines…

These people don't believe in property rights, don't respect livestock producers, and actively desire the extinction of farmers/ranchers/hunters/trappers and anyone that doesn't agree with them.

I would encourage the readers of this web site to do your own searches and find the websites that are actively promoting the destruction of our lifestyle and culture and judiciously join their conversations with measured reason and opposing views. Don’t give them anything to use against us, or any reason to paint us all in the nutcase camp. They routinely bait for that and make the most of it as a weapon against us.

I would encourage the readers of this site to be wise in their posting of images and comments on the web. Use safe Internet practices. Everything you put up on the web, goes everywhere, can be twisted any way, and you can’t ever get it back. Trapperman intended his images to go to his friends and be viewed by the likeminded. Instead, he gave fuel to the propagandists on the left and did a lot of damage to our rights and freedoms related to trapping/hunting/shooting/and managing our own animal problems.

I have also posted a number of comments in the Letter to the Editor and Opinion pages of newspapers publishing blatantly distorted propaganda pieces. I figure that the true believers in the readership will not care to listen, but perhaps the reasonable and reasoning reader attracted to the pieces will see that the environmentalists are not the only viewpoint out there. We need to make sure the dear readers don’t think the environmentalist radicals and animal rights extremists are a majority.

I would encourage all responses to avoid fabrication, avoid ridicule and name calling, as these are tools of the left. Use real photos of overpopulation damage and destruction from lack of management. Use unemotional factual information. Take your camera into the wild with you. Document any wolf or coyote kill of game or livestock or pet. Describe the impact upon the owner/producer/caregiver. Document the unmanaged overpopulations of deer, or exotics, and the disease and starvation that results. Document beaver and muskrat damage, the cut trees, the eroded banks, the flooded property. Then judiciously select images to post on the internet with appropriate titles.

When I get on their sites and they unanimously proclaim their brother wolf is good, and hunters are bad, I post my comments and challenge the readers to do their own Google search of images using search terms: wolf kill; wolf kills livestock; wolf kills dog; wolf kills horse; wolf kills sheep; wolf kills pet, and then a similar search set of images of coyote kills; etc… Those images are brutal, but they counter the wolf advocates romantic portrayal of the wolf as sacred brother. Don’t Photoshop or use distorted perspectives, because if they can discredit you they will use that against us.

We have to stand up to these people or we will lose our heritage and culture as free independent citizens of the greatest country in the world. They don’t like America or Americans; we have to be active in countering their efforts before they destroy what we cherish.

Sorry this was so long, thanks for listening. AND PLEASE Go yee there-fore….
Thanks for taking the time to write this, and thanks for the time you spend responding to the useful idiots" I liked that. I've followed their discussions and where do you start with folks that quote Star Trek chapter and verse like it was, the Bible, Torah, or Koran. Pretty scary when threatening humans is not a crime, hunting is an aberrant behavior, and self defense is a radical concept.
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