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Nov 1, 2005
I know this is by no means a long range(beyond 400yds) weapon but I always wanted a 45-70 but nothing that I saw off the self interest me. Needless to say it has to be a budget minded rig (<= $1000). So far my thoughts are to find a savage (bolt) action that would work with a 45-70 (any thoughts on this) and then put a decent priced barrel (26"-30") on it. Any suggestions? Next would be to use and after market stock that the barreled action would drop into. My gold is to have something different in a caliber I like that will flat out hammer deer size game within 200 yds.

All opinions and suggestions are welcomed.
KBB, are you wanting to build a rifle off the 45-70 Government? Sounds interesting, I am sure one of the gunsmiths on this site can answer your question. What kind of velocities will you attain with the 45-70. Good luck with your project.

I built up a 45-70 some years back, i was headed for a black bear hunt in Idaho. I thought it would be a great close quarters brush rifle and i wanted somthing not many had. The first thing is your going to want it to be a single shot, with the large rimmed case head, they only feed in a special slanted magazine box. I used the Siamese 98 mauser action, it allready has the slanted magazine box and the extractor for the rimmed case(.620 dia). This may be your biggest problem, tring to get a savage action to handle the case head and have the extractor work properly.
I load my 45-70 with the 350gn hornady RN bullet, 4198 powder, cant remember how much off hand. They are flat movin out though. I have open sights and a 1-4 weaver scope, i can hit milk jugs at 200yds off hand with her.
You can always rebarrel a Ruger No. 3 or No. 1 .45-70 with a 26" barrel. Before recoil removed my foregrip on my No.1, I was getting 2400+ fps with 300 gr Hornady JHPs. They put basketball sized holes in deer. Imagine a hole the size of a deer's lungs and three complete vertebrae gone from a whitetail, and that is what my results have been. I had red mist and particulate matter almost 9 feet up in a persimmon tree. It is a dramatic killer for sure. Recoil is distiguished too.
Wildcat, I would like think i could to push the 350gn hornady around 2000-2100fps and the 300gr sierra HP 2300fps.
sewwhat89, that's a good idea but it's a shocker when you pull out a firearm on a hunting trip (bolt action) and it's not your standard/common caliber (30-06, 7mm, 300win, etc) but a 45-70. WOW! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
Does anyone out there know if there is a Savage action that will work for this build or have seen one modified to accept a 45-70? Will a WSM or 300win mag action work?
the rums have a .532 diameter head the 45-70 has a .608 head. the problem is getting a bolt head and extractor that the will accept the rim. It can be done however i dont know how cost effective it would be.

d-a, i am not too familiar with the dimension numbers but I probably should be before I waste everyones time with my project. The other thought I had or was given on a diff forum was to do a 458 win mag. But once again I am not sure if this will even work with an Savage action or will it?

Thanks to everyone for thier suggestion/comments.
The 458 win mag is the same head size as 300win mag, ect. Fits in most bolt action magnum rifles. Your feeding problem will also go away. Then you can run the speeds up even higher than a 45-70 case. This would be the best option as the brass is more durable than a 45-70. Another idea, open up a 375 rum to 45 cal, more case capacity. Remember recoil is also increasing.

You might be suprised at the accuracy of a Marlin 1985 lever action in 45/70. I have one that shoots Hornady 300 gr HP's at 1900 fps into clover leafs at 100 yds. I bought it used in new condition from a guy at a gun show and he gave me the recipe for his pet load. First 3 shot group went into a 0.47" ctc ragged hole at 100 yds with a Burris 1.75-5 scope. I have never even tried a different load in it.
I talked to a Marlin rep. He said he hears that all the time for the big bore Marlins and he thought it might be because they don't produce nearly as many of them as the 30-30's and the tooling for rifling the barrel probably doesn't have much wear on it.
Sounds like you want a bolt gun but if you have never hefted a Marlin lever action you might want to try it at a gun shop.
Have fun with your project!
What would be the ideal barrel length and twist for shooting 300-350gr jacketed bullets for a 458 win mag? I would like to push the 350gr bullets no less than 2200fps.
The 458 Lott is a bett choice than the 458 Win Mag. And, you can shoot 458 win mag ammo in a 458 Lott. Just NOT the other way around.

The action of choice for this is a pre-64 winchester or one of those new Empire rifle actions. If you don't care about controlled round feed you can build one on a rem 700 mag action since it is only a 375 H&H necked up to 458.

The 458 Lott is THE caliber of choice by most Pro hunters in Africa because of its reliability on Dangerous Game.

If you do go with a 45-70, the Ruger #1 would be my choice if it would work.

My rifle has a 22" bbl, i belive its a 14 twist. I was pushing the 350gr bullets 2300fps. They pack a whallop! its a 7# rifle with no brake.
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