Opinions on the Hs precision 2000

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  1. matt_3479

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    Jan 31, 2010
    I’m hoping to get some feedback on the Hs 2000 series of rifles. Considering there price I’m wondering if you think there worth it? Would building off an hs be a good idea or going custom better? How do there actions compare to a remington then to a custom? Are they basically a blueprinted 700 with a Winchester safety?

    The reason I’m asking is I’m doing a favor for a couple buddies that need help with selling 5 brand new Hs-precision. He purchased them 8 years ago and they are still in the box, with the tags never shot. He paid next to nothing for them and asked if I could help sell them. We would split any profits or he said I can take any which one of the 5 Hs rifles for sale and sell the remaining 4. Just wondering if I should grab one or sell all 5
  2. Ckleeves

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    Aug 26, 2014
    I have a 28 Nosler built off a 2000 action. Started life as a 300 rum then once that barrel started going I had my buddy spin up a Brux in 28.

    He said the action was as true as any custom he had built off of. I love 3 position safety’s too. Their triggers are fantastic.

    They only place they fall short is with the length of their magazines. Fantastic design, attractively built and feed very well. Just short. I would probably put them on every rifle I had IF they were longer. The magazine lenght is what dictated my decision to go 28 Nos. I would have rebarelled into 300 RUM again had it not been for the lenght issue.

    I also have a HS in 270 wsm that I would love to turn into the 6.5 Saum or PRC when the barrel goes But I’m not even going to try, the magazine is much to short even with a short throated reamer.

    So I think they are a great gun/ action, just be aware if you build off one to think over your cartridge of choice very well. My gunsmith thought that a Wyatt’s centerfeed may be able to work with the feed rails (or lack of) on the 2000 action to gain lenght but wasn’t sure.
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    Dec 27, 2008
    I have three, all very accurate rifles. I was at a friendly 3 gun club shoot this spring- took my htr 6.5-284. Only issue was I misjudged the distance on one set of targets. Dropped me to 3rd place.
    Lots of other customs and factory rifles seemed to have feeding issues. All three of mine feed-eject flawlessly even running the bolt hard on timed stages or movers.

    Both of my htr rifles are 1/2 moa capable with ten shot groups at 300 going under 1/2moa. They may not look as flashy as many others, but they work well.