opinions on sirra matchking bullets-likes/dislikes

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    i read on another board someone thought sierra's were only good for cast iron skillet shooting.i'm fairly new at this long range stuff-but i think sierras shoot as well as the custom bullets.the new record score at williamsport for light gun is 100/5x (5.377")group.thats not to bad sierra bullets?i know darrel cassel likes em,how bout you other guys?i like em too.jason
  2. Dave King

    Dave King Well-Known Member

    May 3, 2001
    I shoot a lot of the Sierra bullets too. Never had a problem with them and there's plenty to go around. I have a lot of bullet boxes stacked in the reloading racks at my house and the vast majority are Sierra.

    I've shot hundreds of critters with the MatchKings as well as the GameKings and haven't been disappointed yet.

    I believe the problem comes from expecting too much from a bullet.

    I believe the shot scenario is a self contained event/unit that dictates where and how the bullet should be used. You can push a bullet fast, too fast, for a close up shot into bone, but move the point of impact to the brain or broadside chest and it's a good application. The shooter can cause nearly any bullet to fail (? nebulous term) by not considering the effects on the bullet. In other words, don't shoot light jacketed bullets at hyper-velocity into bone at short range, this is a poor setup and it's NOT the bullet's fault the shot senario failed. Likewise, don't shoot dangerous game solids into doublelung chests and expect great results. Someone needs to evaluate the scenario and place the bullet that's in the chamber into the animal in the correct location for the situation (distance, bullet design, velocity and body structure).

    I like Sierra bullets, they're accurate, plentiful and they have good tech support.

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  3. Gary Rihn

    Gary Rihn Well-Known Member

    May 3, 2001
    The 168 MK in 30 cal is the most accurate bullet I've found for my 308. Shoots sub-1/2 MOA with any good load.
  4. Steve Shelp

    Steve Shelp Well-Known Member

    May 3, 2001
    300 Weatherby,
    I'm the webmaster for the NC 1,000yd Benchrst Assoc. After our National Championship match last year I broke down the equipment list to show some statistics and one of them was the brand of bullets used during the Nationals. Check out the link below. I show the percentage used in LG and HG and then the eye opening results of the Top 20 finishers in the 2gun/2day Agg. and see how much the percentage of Sierra bullets used jumps up! Suprized me also.

    NC 1,000yd BR Association Championship Stats

    hope this answers your question!