Opinions on scope rings please



It looks like I'm oging to pull the Burris rings from my Nightforce and go with something else.I believe I have fixed the slippage problem with the burris rings by putting a lot of torque on the rings but now I have another problem.When I put the Leupold on the gun I found the low scope more comfortable and natural to shoot.And more enjoyable.Well I have an expensive custom weaver base on top of my Davidson sleeve but Burris does not make a set of rings that are Weaver and 30mm and low.So either I remove the base and have another one custom made or I find shorter rings that will work on a weaver base.I think my cheapest solution will be new rings.
So could I have some opinions please. A short list of good rings and bad rings would be ideal.So far it looks like the badger rings would do what I want but I believe the Mark 4 rings would do the same job for less cost.$150.00 vs $115.00.
The rings now are about .5 in high,I belive what I need is about .2 in high.
Thanks in advance.
Give the Warne Maxima TPA rings a look. They are very strong, look good and cost around $40. I have a few sets and they seem to hold as well as my $130 NightForce rings.
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