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Oct 28, 2012
So to start off I will make the disclaimer that I am probably going a little overkill on this build with such a light caliber but I am wanting a precision weapon that I can afford to shoot everyday. I am building this to be a every day truck/four wheeler gun that is extremely accurate. I will be going with the 20 practical caliber as it seems what the 204 should be and I have plenty of 223 brass to just resize for 20 practical. I have a reputable gunsmith doing the work so got that covered.

I started off with stainless remington 700 sa I picked up in 204 at cabelas for 500$. It is the sps with stainless and bull barrel.

So far I have purchased the following for this build:

I have all the reloading components purchased, using the sinclair bushing system to resize my brass for 20 practical. Using all the information from 6mmbr website so I am covered there.

Shilen select match stainless barrel going to cut it off at 22 inches

shilen trigger

PT & G reamer in 20 practical

Hogue full aluminum bed block for detachable mag

surgeon detachable mag- i like their mag release better

Sent my factory bolt off to acutig and had a pt&g threaded handle then a mini badger knob put on

already lapped lugs on the bolt

david tubb firing pin and spring

also purchased smoothkote and db2000 to try burnishing the barrel for break in. Figure worse case scenario I dont like it I just brush it out and continue

Also plan on cerakoting everything not matte black, matte black for the added protection and to make the gun all black.

So now just wondering if anyone else has any other suggestions for things to do for this build. Two of the ideas I was looking at is getting a tubbs or pt&g cocking piece, was not sure if this was worth it or not, also looking at getting a thicker or at least an after market barrel lug, was unsure if this is worth it. Also wondering about doing a sako extractor.

The only thing I wish I would have caught earlier is seeing the david tubb bolt. It has a lot of the improvements I already paid for and some more I can send back my tubb firing pin but already have invested in putting the new bolt handle on the factory bolt. Or is all the other improvements on the david tubb worth the investment.

Sorry for this being so long of a post I have just went into this gun so much and was wanting to get some more opinions and more experienced builders ideas for any further improvements or for things that I should for sure do.

Thanks ahead of time for any advice.
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Jul 8, 2012
Greeley ,Colo
Dustin. Have you talked to your smith about truing up your action and bolt ?
Also you might think about having your firing pin hole in your bolt bushed.
A after market recoil lug is a good idea or atleast have your smith grind the factory lug, it is just easier to use a after market lug they are allready ground flat. You might want to go a little longer on your barrel say 24 - 26 inches. You can always cut a little off latter if you think you want to.
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