Opinions on Ideal MK's Velocity for hunting


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Oct 4, 2002
Opinions on Ideal MK\'s Velocity for hunting

As I continue to do load development for my 30" bbl 300RUM I find loads that offer very good accuracy in the 3150fps area and great accuracy in the 2950 area. All done with 220 Sierra MK's. I am at a level of confidence/competence in the 300-500 yard distance and that is the distance I plan to continue to practice and hunt (deer and hog)for a while.
QUESTION: Is there a velocity range that you all have found best for MK bullets for game since they are not specifically designed for hunting? I set my throat specifically for the 220 as I really like MK performance and accept all of your experiences with the bullet (the thread on Accurate was a hoot)but wondering (at the distances I AM HUNTING) if I am pushing it too fast.
To expand further where does one find ideal velocity ranges for particular bullets?


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Oct 25, 2001
Altus, OK
Re: Opinions on Ideal MK\'s Velocity for hunting


See my thread on Close Range MK Results, I shot a deer with the Lapua with a 250 MK at 18 yards, MV was ~2950, impact velocity was probably ~2875 - ~2900.

The bullet broke the front shoulder and exited ~4" from the rear leg on the opposite side. The bullet did shed its jacket, but this is pretty common since it is not a "bonded" bullet. The jacket was found on the far side under the skin.

If this bullet can survive this sort of impact at that velocity it should work fine at any distance.



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Apr 12, 2002
Loon Lake WA
Re: Opinions on Ideal MK\'s Velocity for hunting

I don't think that you will find any problems with MK's on deer. You might even be impressed a little. Just read some of the older threads. There are a lot of "more expensive" bullets used. But, then thats the problem, using the same bullet for practice and hunting just makes "cents."

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Oct 4, 2002
Re: Opinions on Ideal MK\'s Velocity for hunting

I have no doubt with the experience of Daryll and others have the MK is my bullet. What I am wondering is an ideal range that might allow a hunter to use a slower velocity that might actually be better for hunting. If your going to hunt at 1000 + yeah you gotta crank it up, but at ranges of 4-600 say, might there be an advantage to slowing it down a bit for
1) holding the bullet together
2) more internal damage for quick kill
3) loads that are inherently more accurate.
As I make loads that are slower for excellent paper punching accuracy and others that are 200fps faster with good accuracy I wonder if I am getting ahead of myself for my level of 'long range'


Re: Opinions on Ideal MK\'s Velocity for hunting

I think you've answered your own question.

Whatever performs the best in your gun is what you should go with.
I understand you thoughts about a lower velocity when shooting extended ranges.

Other posts on here (and their are many) concerning using MK's for hunting, have delt with this issue and as far as I can see each and every animal killed using MK's has died and been harvested.

I use 180 gr Berger bullets in my 7mm [email protected] fps, they perform the best in my gun at that velocity.
They have killed every deer I have shot, however their jackets are thinner than normal because their intended use was for paper punching, but they do perform well on white tails.
If you get up into the 3300 fps range with these Bergers they start to fall apart, I havent pushed them that fast yet as the accuracy is excellent and their is no need for it. I have only been able to shoot to 400 yards so far, but if I were to use it for longer distances I would deffinately pursue faster velocities with concern for accuracy being paramount.
What velocity gives you if you can balance the accuracy with the speed is a smaller window of error when ranging, reading wind, and mirage.

A flatter trajectory will allow you to make mistakes on your estimations but be foregiving as well, it also carries a lot more energy down range which is why pushing it faster lessens the effects of wind and holdover errors.

The high BC's found with heavy bullets deteriorates over time and distance, pushing them (with respect for accuracy) as fast as possible keeps this BC closer to original muzzle BC gaining you superior long range ballistics.

You do have some concerns with regards to bullet integrity, however Darryl, and many others on this board can attest to the potency of the MK on game at these extreme ranges. They have taken game at extended ranges from 1800 to 2100 yards using these style of bullets and continue to do so.

They however do this kind of stuff a lot and pratice. In this catagory of long range hunting, pratice is the key. Bullets not intended for the use they recieve on this board have been used effectively, bullet placement and time taken to make sure shots placed are in the correct kill zone partly account for the success of these so called "paper punching bullets only". The dedication of the person pulling the trigger and knowledge of their rifle and its ballistics account for the rest.

I have no doubts to the ability of these bullets in the right hands and have no qurrams with the use of them with correct measures being taken to ensure game is being taken humainly.

Work up loads for your rifle that YOU are happy with for the ranges you want to shoot at and practice with them at these ranges until you are proficient as the others on this board and you will have no problems taking game at extended ranges.

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