Opinions for modular stock

I need a 4" pic rail for the thermal, but I haven't tried to put it in front of my Nxs to even see if it will focus. I can drop the thermal on my Ar's with no issues but that isn't the other rifles, and maybe I'm hoping for something that isn't possible with that thermal. Yes 700 footprint, my current stock weighs 19 oz it is a peak 44. But if I find something I like the weight can be more. When I sit down later I'm going to check out the bravo.
The “backbone” on the bravo allows for numerous attachments. Check out the KRG web site. Not sure where you need to mount your thermal but 4” pic rail can be mounted in numerous places. I believe this link shows the NV mount. There are numerous options to mount thermal.

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Check out the MDT XRS as well. I like it a bit better than the Bravo, plus you can add wood panels as an after market piece. They also have the Timbr which is a nice laminate stock in chassis form. I like them all, but I’m going GGS since I have a Tikka and you can run LA, SA, and rimfire from one stock.
I have done nothing more than glance at the modular stocks. Lots to look at and make sure I get what will work best for me and isn't just tacticool
Hunt 26 gets my vote.


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I have owned a number of chassis systems. I enjoy them because I don't need to worry about bedding an action and they are more flexible so they can be customized to my needs. I find myself preferring chassis that fold for easier storage/cleaning and those with plastic/carbon fiber exterior parts to reduce heat being leached out of my hands in cold conditions.

My hunting rifle is build off the MDT HNT26 because it doesn't leach heat due to composite parts and the lockup on the folder has a little less "wiggle" than the XLR Element 4.0. My heavier guns are built on the KRG Whiskey-3 folding chassis.
I initially looked at a chassis that I could pick and choose buttstock, but I went with CA MPR for the last build - .338 Thor (NMI).

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I can change the grip too.
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No issues thus far.

I bought a mesa on sale and with rebate. this stock went on sale so I bought it. The mesa shot so well the only grip was it wasn't an adjustable stock, great looking rifles you have. With the stock upgrade now have an MPR at a discount.
I'm trying to figure out which MPA in 7 PRC right now. Did you go with folding stock? How much does your Hybrid weight? I'm thinking an 8 to 9lb rifle hunt ready would be great in the 7 PRC.
I'd also love to have an ultralight mountain rifle (XLR chassis) in 6.5 PRC or Creedmoor... just need me some money!
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