Opinion on shilen savage replacement barrels


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Apr 24, 2009
Pocatello, ID
Guys I would like to rebarrel my Stevens 300 wm for a semi custom project. Would like a little heavier long range rig. What are your opinions on the shilen replacement barrells for savage. All opinions welcome

Out of the 6 custom rifles I have built over the years 4 wear Shilen barrels, 3 are chromemoly and one is a SS select match; I have yet to have one shoot over 3/4 moa when load testing has been completed. I just finished a .338 Ultra with the Shilen SS, I have put 4 loads through it so for (trying to find the sweet spot) & have yet to have a group go over 1 moa. That says a lot to me, regardless of cost or name, Shilen barrels have always delivered the goods.
I ve built two with shilen prefits and they are both .5moa
or less shooters.
I put them in bell and carlson medalist tactical stocks
very good setups for the price
I've got a stainless select match on order right now. It's going to be chambered in a 243 win. I'm going to try there ratchet rifleing. I've read some really good things on it, hopefully by around early May I'll have and I can report back.

I used the ratchet rifling in the 260 ackley and it shoots awesome!
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Does shillen use the rachet rifling on all of there barrels including the savage dropins or do I have to special order that? I am not sure I understand what rachet rifling is what is the difference?

I think the velocities are about the same as I would have expected with a regular barrel.
I have a ratched rifled and regular rifle barrel and they both shoot awesome.
I would think in a big boomer you may notice a difference in velocity or pressure.

Not all barrels are ratchet rifled.
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I bought a Shilen/Savage prefit from Midway. 243 8 twist. While cleaning it the crown would rip the cleaning patch upon exiting due to burrs. So I recrowned it with their 11deg hand tool. Then I had to throat it .080 deeper to get a 105 Amax BT junction above the case neck junction.
However I am very pleased with the way it shoots and would buy another one. Of the 4 bullets I have tried, 2 look like they will hold half moa or better at 500yd. Amax and SMK

I see them as a good $300 barrel with a free 90% complete chambering job.
I've had some buddies who have had great results with McGowen pre-fits as well.
I have not put a Shilen on a Savage in many years. I was doing Savages before they were cool. In the 90's me a two of my buddies had gunsmith friend of mine in South Texas build us 3 matching 300 win mag Ultralites with Shilen barrels. He has been using Shilen for many years and even used them when he shot competition. He had Shilen turn 3 SS. match grade 30 cal barrels as skinny as they could. All three shot dime 3 shot groups. My boss's got stolen and I sold mine to him. Wish I would have kept it.

Unless I get a screaming deal on a barrel or something else comes on a barreled action, I buy Shilen eveytime.