Opinion on rings and bases....


Mar 6, 2002
Central Minnesota
Anybody have any opinion of "Warne" rings and bases? I was looking at a set the other day and they looked pretty stout to me. Something to put on a .300 Win. Mag. Just looking for opinions. Thanks!
I used Warne rings on several heavy calibre hunting rifles and had no problems whatsoever. Have not used them on a LR rifle but I believe Chris J. has.

I've since switched to Talley as they are made in Wyoming. No flies on the Warne rings though as far as I'm concerned.

I have several sets of the Warne rings and 1 set of bases and they are hell for stout...I used the bases on a M7 I had. The rings adorn several of my LR/Varmint rifles and I also have a set on a .308 PSS and a set on my custom .338 RUM. They hold the heavy scopes well without spending a fortune. I recommend the Maxima line of rings( either the TPA or the Lever-QR style) and the Ken Farrell tapered bases. www.kenfarrell.com
For the money, this combo can't be beat for toughness....
Well I ordered a set of Warne rings and bases for my T/C Encore .300 Win. Mag. They are extremely stout and it doesn't look like I will have a problem with recoil. I really like the rings and bases. I ordered them through www.eabco.com If you shoot a T/C I would recommend these guys to you. Very nice and quick shipping. Thanks for the input from you guys!!!
On my .308 TAC I use a Farrell "G-Force" with 5 MOA slope and Warne 30mm MAXIMA Steel Thumb Knob Rings. Scope is a Burris BD 8x32 and so there's alot of weight to hold. So far it's all working great.
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