Opinion on brake for a browning X-bolt 6.5 PRC

My favorite "brake" for an X-bolt is a suppressor. 😁

I have 2 X Bolt Mountain Pro tungsten’s in 6.5 PRC and one in Creedmoor. The recoil hawgs work but I NEVER hunt with a suppressor. I actually like to be able to hear. As mentioned above, suppressors work great. I have matching Omega cans for all of them. And have CGS Hyperions in the ATF queue right now also.
Lazy D has my vote. Started running suppressors a year or two ago and I will never go back. Certainly extra weight, makes the rifle long, but to be able to shoot safely without hearing protection is nuts. My 28 Nosler was deafening with a brake, but tame with the Bannish 30. I just bought two more
Curious what your opinions are on which brake to but for an X-bolt pro in 6.5PRC? Have brakes on my 7mmSTW and 33 Nosler, I prefer them off the bench, advise/opinions? Thanks! 👍🤝🍺🇺🇸 The factory one does nothing but increase noise
self timing TI Pro brake. 1.7 oz highly effective and doesn’t impact accuracy , think I bought it off the Rokslide store
Axisworks brakes work very well. I have several, and have been extremely happy with them.

You may also look at using a jmac or deadair keymo brake if you plan to use a brake and want to just slide the Deadair suppressor right over the brake.