One Rifle Concept/Project

Aug 1, 2012
Big Fork, Montana
Good Morning,

I am going to start a project based on the philosophy of "just one" rifle for hunting and ELR target shooting. I have been shooting the 7mm RM for hunting and the 6.5CM for long range target for a couple of years and would like to get down to just one rifle for everything. I am currently leaning toward the 300WM because one can buy quality ammo off the shelf just about anywhere, and when time permits, reload for a vast number of bullet weights. I want to build off a Savage or Remington, and then install that into a chassis system. Upgrades will come as time and budget permits. Current budget will need to stay at $2,000.00 or less for rifle and chassis. What say you?
I would stick with your 7mm Rem and run the 195 grain berger eol for targets at 2k and a bullet of your choice for hunting. You can upgrade your 7mm rem as money allows.
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