One powder, multiple calibers?


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Feb 29, 2012
Upstate NY- Adirondacks
I have used Varget in all three calibers with excellent results. Fpur, including my 223. Varget is perfect for the 7mm-08, 308, and 223. It will work very well in the 30-06, being used by the Garand target shooters since the Garand does not function well with the slower powers. Just don't load it too hot, follow the Hornady manual. While Varget works fine in the 30-06, I will use IMR 4350 for my hunting loads to get some extra velocity, and fills the case. The Bullet weights I use are 140 for the 7mm08, 165-168 for the 308 and 30-06, and 55-69 for the 223. It's very convenient to use one power that is accurate, temperature stable, and produces good velocities with the optimum weight bullets.

I have a volunteer to help me get started. He lives a couple of miles from me and he reloads a lot. He recommended Varget as well. I know he reloads for .223, .338 Federal, 6.5-06 and a bunch of others.

I have to get going soon, factory ammo for the 7mm-08 is around $8 per box more than .308.

Clem Bronkoski

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Jun 23, 2019
Locust Gap, PA
Varget is fine but nothing wrong with using H4350, IMR4350 or IMR4064 in either of these 3 cartridges. You will get good performance with either. I'd go with the H4350.