One more down in Idaho.............

Does Idaho have any hunter harassment laws? We have a variety of laws here in CO that would allow LE to arrest those people.

Yes, we do but they won't do anything about it. A bunch of hunters have complained but to no avail. I think its been mentioned before but sooner or later, they are going to meet some guy name "Guido".................

Guido and I are relatives. Both are members of the Black Hand Society. Grand father of the cosa nostra.:)

He and I share projects. The next one is his.

I have his email.

Roy, yup, you got the right Guido. You know, he's the guy that knows some guys who knows some guys.....................

Well, we live in a very liberal part of Idaho---matter of fact, it is the only liberal part of Idaho. There are quite a few wolf advocates in this area and they are out and about getting in the way of wolf hunters. For example, they put up trail cameras in certain areas and take photos of the hunters as they walk on a trail in certain well known wolf areas. Another example, one of them blocked a road from one of my friends leaving a certain trailhead with their vehicle and they got into a confrontation. That was reported to our local game department and they won't do squat. They video tape and record every event---if they suspect you are wolf hunting they'll follow you and try and engage you in come sort of confrontation, mostly verbal but try and make the hunter feel like ****. How about the hunter going to a certain area and they'll pull out in front of you and crawl along the so slow you can't drive by? If they could, they would get your name and photo and put it in the local newspaper (Its a liberal rag) when you killed a wolf.
And I know for a fact that they or at least one person montiors this site as they told the above person who was blocked on the road a conversation that he and I had on Long Range Hunting. And I've never even met HER and she mentioned my name with him as she was chastising him for being a wolf hunter.
It is one of those situations that eventually something bad will happen. Being I have a past career in law enforcement, I've suggested to some of the folks that have been harassed to document every event, take photos and record stuff if you can.
For example, if they would have blocked the road from me leaving, I would have gotten out of my vehicle, taken photos and video and told them to let me by---and I would have told them ONCE. And I would have then moved their vehicle either by person or with a brush guard all the while filming it. It is always best in my opinion to take the "high road" but sometimes you just got to do what you have to.
It seems that we as hunters especially the wolf hunters, have always taken it in the shorts. It is time that we stand up for our rights and what is LEGAL. Its tough for me personally not to get angry and all ****ed off, however, keep your wits about you and hopefully justice will prevail.

Give them Hennifers address or my phone number we will educate them. Going to get some in a few weeks in unit 49...Its my back yard also..
They absolutely should name the wolves, something like slippers, hats, jackets, gloves. If we could get those items made from legally taken pelts and then auctioned off, good way to raise money for legal defense of the cause. I would be happy to pay $100 for wolf mittens if the money was going to be well used.
Do you know how much a pair of beaver fur mushers mitts sells for. And that's beaver. . 300-500$ . Prime wolf, prolly $ 400-600 .

I just bought a beaver mushers/ trappers hat for my wife. Got a very hood deal on it at $225.
And they are common here.
Heck just some wolf ruffs for parkas are over 250$
A Great Lakes wolf went down a few weeks ago in Kentucky. Not really much help in Idaho, but DNA confirmed. Shooter wasn't charged as there was no reasonable suspicion of it being one,
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