One Gun


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Dec 12, 2011
S.E. Michigan
In some countries, espcially in the EU, one gun will be your only gun because of stifling regulations. West Germany comes to mind. I have a friend who is an Engineer for John Deere in Mannheim. In the EU, the Second Amendment don't exist. Consider yourself lucky... He has exactly one rifle, thats it. To own multiple firearms is an exercise in governmental regulations which are bad enough for just one....

Be a hard choice for me. I'd choose a venerable 22 caliber semi auto or bolt action rifle but taking big game for the dinner table or freezer would be an act of extreme precision bullet placement, it can be done.... but can it be done consistently? Thats a crapshoot. Ammunition is cheap and plentiful but ammunition is one time use only because it's rimfire so you are limited to what you can buy and there is no chance to develop any load. You could step up to a 17 but them the cost of one time use ammunition is expensive so might as well go with a largr caliber, a centerfire one.

While I would prefer a caliber that can perform both in a long gun and a handgun and be commonly available (45 Long Colt comes to mind), I would lean toward a 308 for it's inexpensive ammunition, ease of availibility and large selection of bullets from commercial loaders plus it's an easy bottleneck cartridge to reload and has the capability to drop the largest game in North America consistently and it's a caliber that shot in a lightweight sporter, can even be handled by a female, unlike the bigger, harder recoiling calibers, without a muzzle brake or without excessive, recoil mitigating weight.

I want to be able to go to Wally World, or the local hardware store and buy ammunition, if, I run out of handloads or something happens like my ammo getting lost by an airline. 308 is available evetywhere.

That would be my choice and of cours I want a gun with the reliablity of an AK 47 so a Savage would be the brand choice. Might not be the most accurate out of the box, bur certainly the least finiky.

Considering the way things are and appear to be going (in this country) at the present time, it might not be a bad thing to think about just one rifle. It may very well happen.