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Jun 12, 2001
Potomac River
Safeway is out of food. There are no twinkies and milk left and I have eaten up all the crows I killed and can't get out to get some more. Down to less than half a case of beer and things are getting desperate. I found a bag of 13 bean soup in the kitchen cabinet and decided to put some of it out for bait. In order to get a good angle of fire on the bait, I had to clear a shooting position on the roof. So I rappelled out of the bedroom window with my milspec SF sniper school snow shovel and made me a shooting position. It had been some number of years since I had done any rappelling but after tying off to a number of different body parts I finally settled for around the waist.
The range to the squirrels will be 23 meters. I have a cosine angle of 53 degrees so I'll have to correct the ballistic chart for my Crossman 760 which has a muzzle velocity of 625 fps. It is very important to make a kill with every shot. The neighbors will take a dim view of a squirrel crawling across the top of the snow in their yard its intestines hanging out leaving blood and goop every where.




Now thats funny! make sure you have some alternate escape routes incase of a full on squirl assult. Covering tracks in the snow takes alot of effort. I here they have been funded recently by bunny huggers and bleeding hart neighbors for an all out rodent revolt. Watch your butt and trust your gun!
P.S. Where can I get one of those '' millspec snow shovels?!?!'' haha
Just be careful, a fall in that roof would not be a nice experience.
Show us a picture of the tree you are shooting at, I mean a picture of the hunting area:D
Good luck with the one shot kill squirrel hunt.gun)
On Belay..

Hey BB,

I was in your AO on Monday, figured you were still snowed in...

Hang on we're getting more tonight. If it ends up the way they're calling it, we'll have had about 5' since Saturday.
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