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    Oct 10, 2010
    The last two years I have hunted antelope in SE Wyoming, but this year I go drawn for a doe in Cimarron county in the Oklahoma Panhandle for October 2-10. I arrived on the 1st and went scouting and looking for landowner permission with my buddy from Elkhart, KS.

    The first place we stopped a woman said she never saw antelope on her place, but saw them often on the 1/4 section section across the road. She gave us the name of the owner in Keyes, Ok. We went there only hoping to get permission for that 1/4 section, but he owned 20,000 acres scattered over the whole county and he gave a map and permission to hunt it all.

    We figured that we did not need to look for any more permission and spent the rest of the day scouting his land and saw a lot of speed goats. I hunted Saturday and Sunday without success because the high grass and flat terrain mad a long range prone shot difficult and I am to old two crawl 600 yds though the grass and not very steady on a tall bipod.

    I went back home and built a folding shooting benchlightbulb to get me above the grass and returned Wednesday and got a doe at 435 yds.gun)


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    Oct 6, 2006
    Congratulations on the draw and connecting on a speed goat. Just spent the weekend in Cimarron County, North and West of Boise City helping my hunting parnter find and connect on a doe tag. I will post the story this evening.
    Great shooting and a great idea on the shooting bench.