Okie bags doe on Special draw hunt in NW OK

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    Oct 6, 2006
    Just returned from NW Oklahoma after great hunt with my hunting partner, John Cooke. He drew a Doe tag in the Oklahoma draw and we started making plans for his hunt.
    We called some Game Wardens we know and the one in Cimarron County, far NW part of the panhandle and he gave us the name of some folks that have a large ranch just a few miles from Colorado and New Mexico on two corners.
    They gave us permission and we left Friday morning early for the 6 hour drive.
    Met the land owner and was given some ideas where to look for goats that have been seen lately. We found a group just before dark Friday evening and made plans to set up in a blind close to a water hole.
    The next morning we made it to the hunting spot, set up the blind and had some coffee before the sun came up. It was three hours before I spotted a group of 7 goats with three does.
    They were close to a mile to the North. After an hour wait and they didn't get any closer I told my buddy to grab his stuff and we would make a stalk.
    One note, my buddy, John, had planned on shooting a goat with my XP100 in 7BR, the same pistol he used to killed a nice buck in WY in 08. We figured during the stalk we might not get as close as he would need to make a shot so he went to his truck and got his Winchester 270 and we took off. After an hour going through gullies, and creeks to stay out of sight we found them at 235 yards. After he got set and settled down he took the shot and we herd the bullet impact.
    After making to the goat we found it was a horned doe. That was a great shot for him and a trophy. We both had a great time. I just went along to nelp drive and to scout, range and drag.
    Here is a photo of the rock butte from the blind where we saw the goats come around and then the goat.


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  2. RioHondoHank

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    Oct 10, 2010
    Congrats to John!

    Looks a little more hilly in NW part of the county than the NE part where I hunted. When I hunt in Wyoming I like to get on a hill and make a long shot. Last year I shot one at 804 yds.

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    Oct 9, 2008
    Thanks for the write up and the pics!!
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    Sep 27, 2005
    Cool story; thanks for sharing. Great luck on the draw and trophy... which, to my way of thinking, is defined more by the experience of the hunt than the horns. That is really cool that you guys got to do that together. He has a cool hunting partner being willing to drive drag etc w/ no tag!