OK,so what am I missing now?



Things have come together nicely today.I have put the Leupold scope on my rifle and it is staying put.And today I did my very first testing with varying the seating depth.I am most impressed.
I was changing the seating depth by 10 thousandths at a time and I watched my groups march down from .94 inches to .18 inches.I understand I can now further fine tune this seating depth for more accuracy.
So what is my next appropriate step? Do I need an aggregrate to be sure the load is stable, or should I head on out to 1000 yards to see if these very fast bullets at 3340fps are going to spin themselves dizzy.
Or is there something else that I havn't even considered? Something that should be addressed.
I 'm trying to get a great hunting load that I can depend on.

Boyd Heaton

Well-Known Member
May 14, 2001
Lock Haven P.A.
Hi Frank,My match load's and hunting load's are as different as night and day...In my Light gun my match load's were at 2840fps and in the .2 range at 100 yard's.My hunting load's were at 3003fps and in the .5 range at 100 for 5 shot's.I shot my hunting load at Williamsport twice last year.In both cases my first five shot's were under five inch's and they opened up after that.I never shoot more than two at a deer anyway,so for me the extra velocity was worth it to me..


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