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    Thru much ''ribbing'' I was asked to post this story in the humor section. To me it seems a bit much to tell it again, but you asked for it,... So here ya go

    Ever take a 3 year old Turkey huntin'? Well I did........

    So I took my boy Riley who was 3 at the time, on his first turkey hunt with daddy last year....boy what an experience:D. Some of you being grandpas, are probbably well versed in all matters ''little boy'' related, I however am new to this.
    My son LOVES trucks and shooting, but mostly trucks. He's been on just about every piece of heavy eqiupment known to man, sittin on daddy's lap since he was in diapers. So to say he knows every function of all these pieces of equipment, and ALL the sounds that they make would be quite an understatement. The boy has ''yellow fever'' of the CAT or JON DEERE yellow variety.
    After our breakfast of blueberry pancakes and icecream thanks to my uncle Tom, we loaded up in the Tahoe and were 20 miles out of town well before the sun came up. It was about this time I hered a small vioce from the carseat in the back saying ''daddy, where did you pack my trucks?''..........Oh &*^$ I forgot them was all I could think. Well son were turkey huntin today, cause your a big boy and get to go with daddy now,... we dont need them today. .........long pause............ ''Ya we do daddy, what if we get stuck, I could use my ''ma-quitmunt'' to get us out.''.......$#%[email protected]# I forgot a shovel too. So we turned around. We got back to Baker, and the only thing open was the truck stop. So I bought him a brand new ''woader'' with an extra big buckett,...and a shovel. We were on our way again, racing the sun, but we had high hopes. My cousin Tommy was driving, and we were almost to my super secret spot, when the sun peeked over the mountain. If we were quick we'd get in the 3/4 of a mile on foot about the time the turkeys left the roost....
    We punched through the last snow drift, and got ready as quickly as we could. Riley had his new snow boots on, Just like daddy, and was bundled up like the kid from the movie ''A Christmas Story''. I asked if he'd rather carry his .22 or his ''woader'', cause I wasnt packing both. He chose his equipment this time. Big suprise. We were keeping good pace untill Riley got onto a patch of snow, and figured he needed to build us a road through to the other side. He was quite disgusted when he was told no. All this snow, and now he couldnt even play in it.
    We came around a bend in the draw,as the last turkey left the roost. NICE, we made it on time. My cousin Tommy, and I could see the flock milling around edging toward a draw that led out of the main canyon. We quickly took advantage of the terrain and set up like you would for calling an elk past a hunter. Tommy was about 40 yards closer to the turkeys, and Riley and I were behind the BIGGEST tree daddy could find. I started to call, and the turkeys were curious,and commin in!
    About that time I hered a very concerned small voice saying ''daddy,.....I gotta pee'' ^%^%%$ now? ''uh huh'' ok. so twelve layers of clothing later my little fire hydrant decides he cant go..... All the while calling from concealment, I bundled him back up and reminded him he needed to be quiet. ''Ok daddy'' Just play with your loader behind this tree.
    I had the turkeys on a string. they were commin and I mean now. Tommy was waiting for them to close into his effective range, only 10 more yards, when ..... ''BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP'' The loader was backing up with an accurate aqoustic sound to the real thing comming from my little huntin buddy! The turkeys split, and I got Riley quieted back down. From where I was I could see my cousin shaking his head.
    I figured lesson learned, and we went to plan b. we manuvered in front of the birds, and got set up again.
    I made sure Riley understood that the back up beeper was only because OSHA made us have one on our job sites, and when we were out here we just disconnected it.''Ok daddy''. Once again the birds were commin in, and this time Riley got to see them commin. It wasnt untill they Strutted and all gobbled at once answering to my calling that Riley got worked up. All of the sudden his fragile little mind cracked, and he yelled to me ''DAD! TURKEYS! WHERES MY GUN??!!??
    I could see Tommys head bobbing but I didnt know if he was laughing or crying when all the turkeys hightailed it out of the country.
    We had 2 more simmilar situations at super secret spot #2 and #3. one time he dug into an ant pile with his ''woader'' and the other time he dug up a worm, and was sure it was a snake. Both times the turkeys were given a loud audible warning that all was not well in the direction they were heading, and left in a hurry.
    We wound up getting a turkey once we figured out Riley, with all his other tallent was a pyromaniack. My uncle Tom went with us the next day, and started a fire by the Tahoe, so Riley could throw sticks in it while Tommy and I went on a quick hunt. Tommy got his bird.
    We were leaving the woods to go home when someone yelled Turkeys!!! the Tahoe skidded to a stop on the dirt road, and I GAVE CHASE in the blink of an eye. I was out the door and loading my shotgun on the run. Just before the longbeard took flight I shot him. I turned around with a grin and Riley, still in his carseat, says ''shoot em again dad! he's gettin away!'' huh? I looked back and sure enough he was runnin again, so I pummeled him twice more before he quit runnin. (Thats what I get for shootin by the road). Riley assured me it was ok and that he'd have shot it for me but he couldnt get the seatbelt un done, and somebody had put his rifle in the back where he couldnt reach it. Smart --- kid. But all in all it was alot of fun. Cant wait till this year and see what adventures it brings with my little huntin buddy
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    It is a funny story, great memories for you and your kid, and you got your turkey!!!
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    Great story and results ............................. remember the great times we had, back in the day. Still have great times, just now my oldest grandchild has had his first child ............. but now they ( all three of the oldest grandchildren) can out climb and drag ma and pap. (notice I refuse to say out hunt).

    They grow-up soooooooo fast charish the adventures. Hope Reba and I can get to hunt with our great grandchildren, of course they may have to retrieve our and their harvested animals .........

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    Semper Fi (do or die)