Oehler Model 35 p


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Jun 12, 2001
Palmer, Alaska
The unit with display and printer sets on the bench with 3 cords attached to it running to each of 3 skyscreens fastened to a 1/2" dia. length of EMT conduit normally 4' long.

The skyscreens have a 1/2" hole in them with a setscrew run up threw the bottom of the screen that extends down also about two inches.

The 1/4" set screws threaded part extending down on the front and rear skyscreens are each inserted into their own tripod which are hollow at the top to accept them. The tripods are adjustable for height and work well.

The 4' EMT rail available from Oehler has indents in it at preset distances so everthing is lined up PERFECTLY and does not move, being consistent every time used.

If you can hit a milk jug at 15 feet you will never hit the screens. For cryin out loud I shoot my 454 Casull one handed through it all the time, I just don't flinch or...you get the picture. You have plenty of time to set up with a rifle.

Depending on how you define stray bullet, it could mean yes.

ANY cronograph does NOT like you to flinch.

Use a good solid rest if you have that problem. I shoot for groups mostly at the same time so I usually have a good rest anyway.


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Dec 18, 2001
as long as you can only hit the sky screens or the cable it's not as bad.i will be using at 50 bmg .im sure i have to shoot it on paper to see where it is hitting up close.will i need to build a blast shield,thanks,keith


Unless it has a muzzle break you might want to place the skyscreens a bit further than the suggested 15 feet.
All I do is look down the bore and line it up so that it bysects the trangle and you should be good to go.

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