SOLD/EXPIRED Oehler 43 plus extras. As new condition

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    May 7, 2001
    Have the Oehler 43 Chronograph in like new condition.

    The replacement cost from oehler is;

    1. Md 43 with 3SS3's, DOS software for the 43 and Windows Ballistic Explorer. $800.00
    2. Pressure Starter kit with 5 gauges all required tools, adhesives and incidentals. $170.00
    3. Extra Strain gauges (pack of 5)---$35.00

    That's $1050.00 to replace from Oehler.

    Will sell everything for $475.00 plus shipping to your zip.

    Will take trades on Optics, rifles or ?

    Have all instruction manuals needed.
    Upgrades to Windows can be bought through Oehler. The DOS program works fine though.

    Darryl Cassel

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