Objective clearance 3/8" / Too much?


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Dec 26, 2003
A fellow told me he mounted a 30mm loopie on a Farrel base with medium loopie rings and it came out to a 3/8" clearance of the objective lens from the barrel.

Is this too excessive?

I am new to all of this but you hear everyone preach it so often- Cheek weld! Cheek weld! Cheek weld! Low mount! Low mount! cheek weld!

So... shouldn't you shoot for a 1/16th clearance of the scope cap cover from the barrel?

So at 3/8" clearance and a wall thickness of the scope cam of an 1/8th I am still a quarter inch off.. Too much aint it???

Thanks you'all
At times I like a fair clearance between my scope and barrel, I've found that while hunting in THICK cover (reeds, briars, tall grasses and saplings) some stuff will jam up between the barrel and scope if there is insufficient space to let that stuff pass through. For my "low crawl" rifles I like a close(r) fit.

Cheek weld is important but I increase the height of the comb via a stock pack or adjustable stock for high(er) mounted scopes.
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