OAL of Berger bullets


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Aug 23, 2009
I'm thinking to buy Berger VLD bullets for hunting :rolleyes: does any one know what is OAL of 155, 168 and 175 grain bullets in 30 cal for Match Hunting VLD? I’m trying to plug OAL in Greenhill formula see if it will spin right in 1:12 twist of my barrel.

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Thank you for the chart, interesting thing the Greenhill formula doesn’t apply to Berger bullets, their recommended twist rate is way off, are this bullets have lead core? I thought 155 grains should be perfect for 1:12 twist and 168 should be the max but according to the chart I can go all away to 190 grains wow!!!
Any good loads using 175 grain VLD for .308 win with 1:12 twist and 5-R riffling?
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