o3 Remington Bolt Handle?


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Jan 7, 2003
Swartz creek Mi
I have just about finished my winter project, I have been working on an 03Remington,
I have been hiting the Gunshows and buying Reievers that meet spec and only the ones over 800,000..! I would like to choose a bolt handle, I love the one on Rugers, should I tig weld the bolt on or Silver Solder.?
and if you chose a Bold Handle what would you shoose?
I know its my choice, but I an sure you have seen a few Springfields that you would change a few things. This Rifle is all tricked out..Jeweled.Timiny, broughton Barrel, the stock is almost the same on the Remington 700s any points you would (could)make would be nice.
TIG is the only way to go IMO.

Just use a little common sense with your heat and you'll be fine. The only thing your concerned about in the back half of the bolt is goofing up the threads for the shroud and making the helical cam for the cocking piece soft. I made a burnishing tool that helps to buff work harden the cam so that the cocking piece runs a bit smoother during bolt rotation.

Solder gets the job done but I have repaired quite few remmy's over the years that have had the handle fly off the bolt during a sticky case extraction.

Good luck.

I need some help here chad I think you were in on this 1. I cant find the thread. This is what I got going on I got 721 and a 700 on the 700 I need the parts from 721 to make it a locking bolt the gun smith I had it at was sold out. were can I find them?
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