NZ South Island for Colorado


Nov 30, 2010
Grand junction, co
Good day,

A few buddies and I are planning a trip to NZ next year to go hunt. We have been once before but did not get to hunt. We are looking for some information on DIY. We have done quite a bit of research already but just need help on exactly where to go.

We live in western Colorado, in the heart of elk, deer, mtn lion, bear, and moose country! We live and die hunting. We can help get what ever you need!

If you want to come to Colorado and have something else to offer other than NZ we could talk about it as well!

Hi there. DIY hunting in NZ is pretty easy. You need to get a permit to bring your rifle in. Check out the NZ police website.
Once in NZ there is a lot of public land this is run by the Department of Conservation (DOC). You can get a permit online from them, it is free.
Then go crazy.
Your best bet is to join one of the NZ forums, or nzhuntingand shooting. Someone there will probably take you hunting.

Hi mate,

Im from NZ and currently trying to plan a trip to Colorado for next season 2015 any help would be great. Ideally we want to hunt public land or possibly a drop camp but unsure what outfitters are good.

I can offer to help or take you hunting hear in New Zealand for free range Red stags, Bull tahr, Chamois, Fallow, Sika deer

Thanks alot.
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