NSX 1RR or 2R

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Dec 14, 2002
Well it looks like I can get the NSX at a price that I can afford. I've done some reading on this board concerning the R2 reticle. S1 designed it if I'm not mistaking.
I would like to hear the good the bad and the ugly on the 1RR and the 2R reticles. Both seem to be capable of ranging out to about 800 yards or so and after that "guesstamation" won't do it anymore and one needs a laser range finder. So out to about 800 yards or so without using a LRF which one is easier to use?
I'm no expert but it would seem to me that the 1RR is pretty user friendly. Just pick a cicle that fits the target and boom.
I'd like to order the scope within the next couple days and I would greatly appreciate any comments and thoughts you would be willing to share.

One more questions I forgot to add, are all Nightforce scopes equiped with the Illuminated reticles (or the 2 in question at least) or is that an option one must purchase extra?

All the NF scopes have the illuminated reticle.
As for the choice between reticles, I've had both and like the NP-R2 the best, but have two NP-1RR's also. Its a personal decision, althought with practice, I think the NP-2R is probably more versatile.
I have had both reticles and settled on the NP1-RR. Most of my long range shooting has been at prairie dogs and a full grown dog fits the RR circles perfectly for quick ranging. For larger game or paper, I agree with the NP-R2 being more versatile. Be careful, using NF scopes is addicting. I still blame Speedbump for my sins! Good luck ... Mike
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