NS, FL, PNS- Which is more uniform?

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    Do you FL size, NS only or partial NS?

    A topic that is continually widely debated with a lot of "I believes" but very little actual measurements for concentrity and case variance in most cases.

    For those that do not know German Salazar is a highly respected LR shooter in the palma, 1000 yard and other NRA disciplines.

    He has a very good website and here is his articles index page (The Rifleman's Journal: Articles Index) that most should add to your favorities and spend some time reading his articles and discussions with other top shooters.

    Anyway he spent some time actually control testing some cases with differrent types sizing methods. Here is his article.

    The Rifleman's Journal: Basics: Resizing - Case Dimension Changes

    You figure out what you should do and why?

    Another good read is is LR primer study. He used a pressure gauge (Oehler 43) to measure the variance in chamber pressure by simply changing primers in a 30-06. Would you believe over 4000 psi difference.

    The Rifleman's Journal: Primers - Large Rifle Primer Study

    so loading manuals, and so called reloading software programs might be way off base as who knows what primer they used and should be used with extreme caution. Did they use the one with the most pressure or least pressure? You go the other way and you could have an 8000 psi difference.

    Start well below, work up and your gun will tell you. Taking someone elses magic load and popping it into your gun might lead to a "significant emotional event" for you.

    Anway enjoy and keep this for reference.

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    WOA... My brain hurts after reading that article.:rolleyes:
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    In the immortal words of Sgt. Barnes (Tom Berenger) in "Platoon", "Take the pain, TAKE THE PAIN!"

    Bounty Hunter makes some excellent points here, and German's stuff is always first rate. He's a very knowledgable shooter with a genuine scientific approach to his ammo crafting. He also has a fairly unique gift in being able to express his ideas quite well in writing, and you can count on his comments coming from well researched and proven experience.

    As far as German's comments on sizing, I'm with him 100%, right down the line.
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    I was playing around with 2/3's neck sizing in a 22-250. Didn't see a great improvment, if any. But there were fewer flyers and even then they were not out as much as before.
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    Thank you for the link. Worth the read.

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    I always FL size hunting cartridges to make bolt closure easier. I respect German's expertise, but disagree with him that partial sizing will increase headspace. That is not possible unless the shoulder is pushed back excessively. In fact, I like to PFL competition brass. Taking the neck down about 2/3rds leaves the last 1/3 with the chamber diameter. When the loaded round is inserted, that bottom 1/3rd butts up against the same chamber neck area as when fired, thus lining the cartridge up concentric with the bore.

    It is no coincidence that LE Wilson produces their neck dies to size just 2/3rd down the neck.