NRA VHA PC games and Xtreme accuracy PC game

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    Jan 20, 2005
    If anyone likes playing PC games when the weather won't permit an outdoor shooting session I may have found an answer. I found the 2 games above at cabela's and have enjoyed playing them when I can't get out to shoot! The varmint hunter game includes prarie dogs and ground hog hunts along with a few coyotes here and there. You can pick your distances up to 1000 yards and it also has very lifelike field conditions ie; wind ,clouds and terrain. You also get to pick you weapons though they are limited to the more popular varmint calibers it does include the 6.5 284 plus you can produce your own ammo. It's about as close as you can get to going PD hunting without actually going! The coolest feature to me is watching those little suckers explode upon impact.It's produced by the NRA with help from the VHA. The Xtreme Accuracy game was partially designed by Tony Boyer and is a joy to play if you like bench rest competitions. You get real world conditions and again get to choose from several calibers and gun styles and produce your own ammo getting to control several variants from neck tension, seating depth, powder charge and style to bullet manufacturer along with others. Both of these games will help learn the art of wind doping. They come as a set from cabela's for 20 bucks. Give them a try and you might like them and also you will be supporting the NRA and VHA!
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    Dec 21, 2004