not long range, but


Jul 27, 2012
Clover, SC
This year I have already taken two whitetails, both does. This is my first multiple deer year, so I'm pretty stoked. Both close range shots, but they are spraying our cutover this week, so I might have an opportunity for a longer shot in a few weeks.

Sold on the '06, but I will be looking for a better load. 150 gr Corelokt got the job done, but no exit @30 yards. Bullet just isn't made for that impact speed I'm sure. Going to try 180 Woodleigh Protected points, should hold together at close range but still be flat enough for longer shots.


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Jan 10, 2008
Keep your 150 gr Corelokt if they are accurate. I am speaking from 40 years of deer killing experience. 180s are too tough a bullet for the average deer. The 150s will kill much better and as the range extends and the bullet slows down it will exit. Though I can't understand why people think a bullet has to exit to be a good bullet. If you killed two deer already with the 150s looks to me like they work so if it ain't broke don't try to fix it. If you want to kill a deer in it's tracks put that 150 Corelokt in the center of it's front shoulder. BANG FLOP. If you are a hand loader and you really want a deer killing machine load you some Nosler 125 gr Ballistic Tips with 53.1 grs of Varget in that 30-06. Sight in 3" high at 100 yards. Hold center of front shoulder out to 300 yards squeeze the trigger and have a sharp knife ready. As long as you keep that 125 BT impact velocity under 3000 fps it holds together and really kills deer.
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