Nosler Seconds

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  1. Rich Coyle

    Rich Coyle Well-Known Member

    Aug 14, 2013
    I used them for years hunting and target. They functioned fine.
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  2. Quintus

    Quintus Well-Known Member

    Apr 15, 2013
    Partitions, accubonds, and B-Tips and never an issue with accuracy or on game performance. On a side note I have never seen a Partition fail 1st or 2nd.
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  3. James Bailey

    James Bailey Well-Known Member

    Jul 28, 2018
    I can't tell the difference between the 2nds and 1st.
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  4. Pdyson

    Pdyson Member

    Nov 25, 2013
    I scarf em up when ever I get the chance. I use the ammo-seek app and put the word “Blem” in the key words box. LG outdoors has some 7mm 168g Accubond LR right now that are $20 less. I will buy these bullets and hunt with them too...there isn’t anything wrong with them. Not just nosler either, midway sells blems in a plain blue box. They won’t say who made them, but It’s never been hard for me to figure out. I use the 6 and 6.5 in my PRS chassis rifles. Great for load development and some relaxing trigger-time. Plus I don’t see a difference in the group size at all. Do I save money? Not really, but I get to shoot a lot more for the same money.
  5. wamin

    wamin Member

    Oct 14, 2008
    I have been shooting the Nosler blems for years. When I asked Nosler about them, most are taken off line for QC and once removed they become seconds.

    I shoot them for load development, target, and hunting.

    I used to shoot long range regularly between 600 and 1000. If I do my part sub.0.5 MOA.

    Hunting, I've used them to take 100s of whitetail (I was in a game managerment group on the East coast and would take 50 to 60 deer a year...all donated to charities).

    This is my first year using them for pronghorn and elk. Both nice and clean. 165 308 BT for the PH at 612 yds and 165 308 AB 367 for the cow.

    In my 6mm Rem I have wasted many many ground hogs, crows, and prairie dogs.

    I use the 458 BT in an AR15 458 SOCOM for pigs.... devastating!

    I shot them in just about every caliber from 17 to 458... hands down NO issues!
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  6. 5gauss

    5gauss Well-Known Member

    Oct 13, 2018
    Nosler is in my backyard so have shot many of them with no issue...accurate as any other.....but.....for long range precision I would not risk it with all other costs, work considered to hang on the "blem". If you really wanted to know. work up the load then add the blem bullet to it....shoot at 800yds...see what happens. If not good, add your non blem to the equation and your done. The blems I have used in the past from Nosler have never looked any different than new. I wonder if they are just catering to those who like deals and will buy more.....?
  7. Flare

    Flare Well-Known Member

    Oct 1, 2008
    My one and only elk I killed with a second it was less than 50 yards away Perfect performance I bought over a thousand of them and shot about half of them before selling the rifle My friends were jealous at how well that rifle shot I only shot blend As for midway they don’t carry Nosler blems only shooters pro shop I’m not sure what other manufactures consider blems but bowlers are cosmetic I’ve had tips fall off and Nosler replaces them I would not worry about them
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  8. Dee Hugo

    Dee Hugo New Member

    Mar 30, 2019
    I have nearly 400 factory second Accubond Long range 168 gr in 7mm if you are interested. Text me 405-432-9906. SOLD
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  9. Willys1948

    Willys1948 Member

    Jan 14, 2019
    Bullet brand etc to bullet brand etc, I’ve never noticed a difference in firsts or seconds. To me it’s no difference in the blemishes from the factory (never seen a deformed bullet in the lots I’ve bought) to the blemishes that get left from the acid on your fingers when bullets are stored for a year and then shot. I hardly ever shoot an animal more than 300 yards though. Lots of dead animals with a blemished bullet.
  10. Braunschweiger

    Braunschweiger Well-Known Member

    Mar 16, 2018
    I don't mind blems for plinking... but when an expensive hunt or just having the buck of my lifetime out in front of me... I don't want to question anything. Blems have their place, and likely most people using them wont see an issue. But why risk it? If you are spending thousands on a custom rifle and top tier optic, what is an extra $10 to get normal bullets?
  11. Gibbshooter43

    Gibbshooter43 Well-Known Member LRH Team Member

    Feb 2, 2016
    A hearty second to many of the posts already penned. I’ve used the Partitions, Accubonds, and Ballistic tips in my 243AI, 250AI, 25:05AI, 260, 7:08, as well as my 240 Gibbs and 6.5 Gibbs. All have performed as well as their premium bullets, and the Blacktail and Whitetail’s never knew the difference.
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  12. stephenthesuave

    stephenthesuave Member

    Jun 8, 2012
    Follow up- here’s my info. I only pulled one “1st” but there are 3 blems. All 4 bullets are .3065” diameter.

    1st- 149.8
    B1- 149.2
    B2- 149.3
    B3- 149.2

    Bullet Length-
    1st- 1.311”
    B1- 1.303”
    B2- *1.299” (I deformed this one by dropping it just now.)
    B3- 1.302”

    Bullet Base to ogive W/ Sinclair comparitor-
    1st- .608”
    B1- .582”
    B2- .587”
    B3- .586”

    Packages shown for reference. I’ll still buy them for sure, but I’ll make sure I get a couple hundred at a time. I don’t think it’s wise to mix them with 1st quality without testing.

    7B81B5DF-F009-4B4C-8D74-C4ECDCD0FCF1.jpeg C4261163-1C26-49D4-A769-6E6E14F3FADC.jpeg
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  13. DynamicAVP

    DynamicAVP Member

    Apr 8, 2012
    Your talking about "factory seconds" from Midway. Those are WAY different than seconds from Nosler. I've bought a lot of seconds from Nosler and they set an expectation for me on what a second would be. I then bought "seconds" from Midway, that happen to be Sierra's, and they we're absolutely horrible!
  14. xsn10s

    xsn10s Well-Known Member

    Mar 7, 2016
    Yup I agree every manufacture has different criteria for blend or 2nds. I've shot Nosler 2nds since 2004. Taken two bucks one with 30 Cal 165gr BT and another with 180gr AB. Shot out past 1k with 30-175gr CC. Good enough for minute of rock or chuck.