Nosler Partitions

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  1. dgr416

    dgr416 Well-Known Member

    Mar 17, 2003
    I have a 338-378 Weatherby Accumark which has a max load of 110 grs of reloader 25 with 250 gr Nosler partition .Do Nosler Partitions have higher pressure due to the open lead base in the bullet and the cross section in the jacklet.I have a friend who swears he can get 3250 fps with other bullets same weight.I clocked mine at 3150 fps.My cousin shot .25 groups from bench wih my load.I was wondering if the Winchester Gold partitions which gave a cupped base and the lead covered would be better.I have two boxes of the 338 winchester 250 gold partitions.they are molly coated though.This rifle has to be cleaned every 50 shots or it fouls to hell any solutions to that problem.Thats the only problem I have with this rifle .