Nosler or Weatherby brass


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Dec 11, 2004
Hegins, Pa.
I found Nosler brass for $65 for 50. How does it compare to the Weatherby brass. I have a .300 Weatherby and will be needing some brass soon. thanks for the replies. PaLuke
Not sure if this will help but I have 14 loadings on nosler 308 brass that were loaded semi hot and have never annealed them.gun)
I've Got Both. and I'd Rather Have The Weatherby. Norma Makes These and Their about as Good as It Gets.IMO
Both are good brass. Weatherby is about $1.75 each or 35% higher versus Nosler at $1.30 each so if you can reload the Weatherby more than 35% more times than the Nosler then I guess it's a good deal. Not saying this can be done but, as an example if you can only load the Nosler 10 times then the Weatherby would only be a bargain if it could be loaded 14 times. Of coarse if your rifle shoots better and prefers Weatherby then I'd go with them.
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