Nosler J4 competition bullets



CJ ( Chris Jamison ) is out here visiting his dad and we have been testing his new 6.5/284... later this week were gonna go after some LR pd's gonna try to get both of us in the 1K club!..

anyway .. I ran some J4 bullets through the 308 and WOW very accurate!! I shot a .496, 15 shot group ( CJ witnessed it! ) I was wondering if anyone has cut any in half to see how thick the jackets are or better yet anyone taken any game with em??


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Jun 12, 2001
Palmer, Alaska
My father has been shooting them in his AR-10T and loves them. He said he can tell no difference in them and the SMK groups at all.

No game taken with them so far. He's been shooting them for about six months now. 168's, 748 and Varget is what he tried so far. Win cases with BR2's.

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