Nosler 6.5 105gr & Hornady 270 145 ELD-X factory seconds


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Mar 6, 2019
W. Montana
Yes the Nosler Partition 6.5 bullets ( 50 bullets ) are 105 gr. I bought several packets of these at least 15 years ago, maybe 20. These were over runs from a European contract. For some reason a 105 gr bullet was required. It says they have irregular noses which I never could tell. The ones I shot , shot just fine. The 270 145gr ELD-X are a box of 100. Not sure what a fair price would be for either. Small USPS flat rate box is $8.50. If you purchased both of these bullets I could put all in one box, but would have to collapse the Hornady box to fit. Bought separately it would be $8.50 shipping each. If your interested , what do you think would be a fair price ? 6.5 & 270 001.JPG6.5 & 270 003.JPG6.5 & 270 002.JPG

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