nosler .270 lrab problems

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  1. memyselfni

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    Mar 1, 2007
    I've recently started working up loads for this bullet in a .270 wsm t3 in a McMillan stock. Having trouble with it, tends to group two shots together then third one up to 2 inches away. Any suggestions? Also sometimes my seating die (hornady) crushes a ring towards the end of the projectile has anyone else experienced this? Not very impressed with the overall finish to be honest. Hopefully I can work a load out.
  2. Korhil78

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    Jun 22, 2011
    There are a few things that could be causing that. You could take the most accurate load and play with the seating depth to see if it tightens the group up any. You could also have a part of the stock touching on the barrel. There are many variables that could be affecting your rifle.

    Start with the seating depth and see if that helps. If not, then just start changing things. Change powder, Take a look at your stock, change the scope out.
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    Yeah, been having quite the discussion bout that here lately, you can start here