Nosier, hornady, or federal ammo


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Sep 17, 2014
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I don’t reload so who is the most consistent manufacturer? I’ve shot hornady a lot just based on price point. I have had outstanding groups at the range with Federal premium and hornady but the hornady seems to get more “fliers”. Haven’t ever tried the Nosler ammo but have heard a lot of good things about it.

so if the price were the same and you had an opportunity to buy 500 rounds of ammo what you you buy?


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Jan 10, 2008
The best thing to do is to choose the bullet style you want for the particular game you are going for and give it a try to see how it shoots in your rifle. Federal makes ammo with different makers bullets like Sierra, Nosler etc. The others mentioned use only their brand of bullet. I hand load everything but those that I know who use factory ammo have had good luck with Federal. As for accuracy and pretty good on deer effectiveness the lower cost Federal BLUE box ammo has a reputation for being really good. They have conventual cup and core soft point bullets. My hunting buddy did scope sighting in for a gun shop for years. If people did not bring ammo the shop owner always sent Federal BLUE box ammo. I would go with him to the range often and this ammo across the board of calibers was very accurate and the feed back from the people after using it on deer was good. This was in north eastern NC area where shots can be long in crop fields.

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