Northern CA BLM spot to break-in new rifle?


Jul 28, 2011
san jose, ca
I live in San Jose, CA and am looking for a spot to break-in the new rifle. A range wont work because they frown on cleaning weapons on-site and I'll need the lane for several hours to get this job done. I will probably need to get two separate hall-passes from the wife, but this first session is break-in and less zeroing the scope. I plan to get past the first 10 rounds (cleaning in-between each) and at least a third of the way into the remaining 30 rounds (cleaning after groups of three).

I found a BLM spot on the map between Panoche Hills and Tumey Hills that seems flat, but it looks like there is a Wilderness Study Area are down-rang from where I want to shoot (not sure if that is an issue) and it is 3 hours from San Jose. I don’t mind driving that distance – but something closer would be nice. Anyone got any ideas…?

Thanks in advance… T~


Nov 26, 2010
Check to see where the nearest Forrest Service land is but do not shoot the trees, they have a fit if they catch you. Shooting is allowed as long as you do so safely, that may save you some driving. Shootable BLM lands are generally few and far between and check the regs for that spot closely. Most of the BLM land where we live is only open for hunting and shooting during certain times of the year with certain weapons.

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