Norma ammo info


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Oct 16, 2021
So last summer I picked up a new lighter weight rifle in .308 for well, the usual reasons. Ammo selection was limited and I didn't have any components laying around as I haven't loaded for. 308 in a few years so I picked up a box of Hornady Black only to remember why I don't really care for A-max bullets for closer work.
Forward to today I picked up a couple boxes of Norma 150gr softpoints #2422029 and started looking for info on them... it's not there, I thought maybe it was the new "Norma Whitetail" offering, but posted part #, muzzle velocity. and B.C. is different. I have reached out to Norma but haven't heard back yet. Now I intend on running them tomorrow through a chrony, but there isn't a lot of time to really check them out.
Any insight?
Thankyou for your indulgence

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