Noob question on rifle quality

Many thanks...what I've gathered is that off 1 MOA is plenty good enough for up to 300 yds. I may be able to get that with factory, or can make some changes to get there that won't break the bank.

The custom route (or rifle with high accuracy) will let me extend the range if I bring my skills up to that of the rifle. But for the most part, it will be something to appreciate from a fine craftsmanship perspective more than functional improvement if I stay under 300 yds or so.

I didn't include anything about budget so that any answers would be free and clear from that perspective. I have the flexibility to buy something I will appreciate, but I don't need to spend $5k to make that happen. I can get quality for $2-$3k that will give me everything I need and will be a piece that I can appreciate the craftsmanship for years to come. I am LH so that narrows it down a bit. But I still have plenty of options...most new rather than used.

Thx to everyone for the help.
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