non-hunter with a new savage 111 7mm rem mag


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Aug 22, 2018
yes single shot.
the part that really sucks is the bottom bolt release means
no stock without a mag hole even it i aint using it.
plus buying parts that are not in the plastic stock to mount it all.
Unless you do some modification or single shoot it, you might ran into some challenges in your 3.7" OAL goal. Best I can with my Savage 111F in .300 WM is 3.53" with 200 NAB but can get 3.66" in my SAKO M995 with in .300 WM with 200 NAB.

Those are excellent barrel choices. I have 30" Lilja 1:8" 3G on my .270 AI and 27" Lilja 1:9" 3G on my .30 LARA and they are simply amazing.

Good luck and happy safe shooting.

Don A Parsons

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Aug 12, 2016
Some Where in America
I hear yha,,, I bought a brand new Frugal Remmy SPS that came with a plastic rubber-metal garbage stock,,, 4 & 3/4 ton trigger... The bullets seated to fit in the bottom feed only make it to 2.810,,, that's 0.070 more boolit jump that I don't need...

Of course I can hand feed pretty fast,,, but not for my hunting bang, bang situation. LOL...

That's why I own 2 Remmy Long actions,,, I can turn them any short action boolit feeders I want to with a few modifications...

I end up with nill for boolit jump in the 15 to 20 thou,,, nice long pump-jacket bolt handle,,, and somethings to fill my needs. LOL...

Deffinatly not going to pay top-tear costs,,, nor bottom basement,,, looking at the mid price stufg...

Goods on you AR... Nothing wrong with planning it out to hopefully end up with something worth your while...

The sun shines alot better when we find what we're looking for,,, more like a extra back to back snow storm where I live...

"""Sad face""" with 10" of snow packing 45 mpr winds up here this morning. Ha


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May 8, 2016
not at 70...
aint gonna happen
p'dogs from a bench yes, game no.
Pdogs from a bench is still hunting... of a sort ;) . Savage bolt heads are trivially easy to interchange. You could do a .220 swift or a .243 or any number of things with that or set it up for a WSSM or WSM cartridge or; and yes I realize this is not an optimal use case but it's fun as hell, keep the 7RM chamber, slap a heavy barrel on it in 10 twist and launch 100gr varmint bullets around 3600fps at p-dogs. I can tell you from experience that the results are exceedingly dramatic and recoil from 100gr bullets in 7-mag is actually pretty mild.