No. of Lands and Polygonal barrels?


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Mar 4, 2002
In my continuing long range education I stumbled onto Pac-Nor barrels website. First I noted the vast number of wildcats and secondly I note the vast array of twist rates/land combinations.

How do you select a non-norm land number? In some calibers, with available twist and land combos you would be looking at 5 to +15 choices. Is it all just trial and error or is there some formula? I realize as bullet weight/length goes up you generally want twist rate to speed up but how do you determine no. of lands? Preference?

Then there was even polygonal choices. From what I have read, polygonals namely Mike Rock barrels, are unbelievable shooters but I don't notice anyone on here really speaking of them.

Thanks for the comments.


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Sep 26, 2001
North, Texas
Dave King has a Tac-Ord built 338 Rum with a Pac Nor poly barrel. Look in the for sale section to get an idea as to how it shoots. I'm sold on it!

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