NM speed goat

Good looking goat. They are probably my favorite animal to hunt. Like you said, spot them and plan a stalk to get close. When you get close you usually see another one that might be better. You can make several stalks in a day. Congrats to you.
How they eat depends on what they eat. The ones we used to hunt south of the Grand Canyon weren't very tasty. The ones I've shot in NM have been great eating. One in 3' grass, and one in a wheat field. I've been drawn twice in 32 years. If you want to hunt here your best bet is to buy a landowner tag.
My 2023 AZ Pronghorn is absolute delish!

We have a family friend who is a gourmet cook. I gave her a hind quarter, one backstrap and the tenderloins. She brought me a plate of cooked roast and sides today. It was delicious and she loves having all of the exotic meats to cook. So I oblige when I can. Was Nilgai before this.