NM Big Horn Video

I don't have a clue. I have never put much thought into sheep hunting since it is too far out of my realm of possibilities. As much as I would love to hunt them, there are too many Washington’s that get between me and hunting them.
RICK- nice video. i have a tag for arizona. i don't know what he would score either. i need to find out he looks like a nice one. roninflag
Nice Video, How did you get so close to them? They usually split when they see people getting within shooting distance.
It’s an old Indian trick. :D

I don’t know:rolleyes:, I just keep easing up on them and they let me.

These are in an area with lots of ATV traffic not too far from the front ridge they live. Sometime they are there and sometime not. I suspect they get used to the smell and traffic and are approachable. I have tried to approach sheep in this same area while mule deer hunting and they were not as generous with their space. Maybe they know when it is hunting season and close the door?????????
Great video, thanks for posting.

Would you mind sharing the secret location?
Not for hunting, but photography.
I love sheep and would like to photograph some of the herd in the area where I think those are. PM me if you wouldn't mind sharing.
A few of the pictures look like they were taken where I hunt elk or at least somewhere near there.
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